Of Loss and Renewal

Several months ago, a dear friend lost his beloved dog – his companion of 15 years. A new puppy is about to arrive in his life, and he feels torn. Despite his excitement and joy, it feels like a betrayal of the one who has passed.

He asked me how he could get past the conflicted feelings, and I replied.

“There is only one Love, and all the love we feel is part of it. So, when we open our hearts to another companion animal, we take nothing away from the ones we’ve loved before. We are simply saying ‘yes’ to life, and, in so doing, we allow ourselves to continue living in the flow of Love, just in a different form. It is all One.”

His new baby is now at home with him and they are bonding. It takes courage to love again in any context, but the rewards are great.

* * * * *